Entry: Autumn Sneaks #2: Xiwern the Seaworm's story Monday, November 12, 2007

Maybe I should put a part 2 to Alk's story.... but anyway...

It's been a year, or 10 since we last saw the sea worm, floating in his icy sea kingdom. Running out of planks to break, and taking a break from plans, he has turned to rather mundane things. Like, photography, and drawing. It is rather breaking news I fear...

I wanted to get some of his brilliant drawings, but alas, there were no curtains. So it was pretty hard... my quest, is recorded as follows...

Me: Hey, seaworm, could I have some of your drawings?

Xiwern: What for?

Me: Well, I need guest artists to do guest drawings...

Xw: But that would keep people guessing..

Me: Yeah, well, I guess. Thats pretty much the point

Xw: I see. but, there's not much gas here..

Me: No that's space, this is the icy sea on mars. While there's more liquid and solids, I'm pretty sure there's at least a bit of gas.

Xw: Ok... but no, with oil prices going up like that, I think my gas drawings are going to be worth a lot.

Me: You could always draw some money...

Xw: Hah, you think money grows on trees?

Me: As a matter of fact they do, as you saw in your last drawing. You told me ATMP stands for A Tall Money Plant...

Xw: Thats true... blargh, now I'm getting cross..

Me: Ah! don't start bashing me up yet... You should knot!

Xw: Uh.... I have been pretty tied down recently, with all the drawings..

Me: Mmm and tied up as well..

Xw: How naughty...

Me: And how cross...

So we ended up playing noughts and crosses, and as usual, no one ever wins. Or loses for that matter. So we drew. And I took that draw and added some wings... and flew off on astroboy's back.

Astroboy: Wheee look at me, I'm an astronought!

Me: Thanks for the wings... now I have his draw-wings...

And so, here it is! Much without his permission too!


Used to cheat at that metal ball maze game, not lying back and watching the clouds. Which I do at times too... though its not too hard.


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